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New Lionel GP7 Santa Fe Warbonnet Paint Scheme from METCA

For those looking for images of this engine, I received mine today and Lionel did an amazing job on the paint scheme. It also has 5 horns / whistles and everything else they are putting in their new diesels. Kudos to Lionel on a job well done and thank you to METCA for running this custom scheme. Yes, I will be doing a full review on this engine very soon.



Images (5)
  • 081C08F9-EA5A-49FC-9C4C-372724DB4AE0
  • 887AD160-517F-46F4-9D72-4F21C1D4E2ED
  • B0A47D0F-6D2C-4CDE-BE60-81B74B41B9A3
  • A411E4FB-7BC6-4D2C-BE33-FC8379D1F304
  • 8BEB5BE2-8EBF-45A1-892C-6E85D905736A
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