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Reply to "New Lionel Volume 2"

Hancock52 posted:
Jon C posted:
Dj'sOgaugetrains posted:
Peter Araujo posted:

I'm dying to see those Union Pacific add-on passenger cars.

Me too. 

C2EA8F04-A71B-40F9-86A2-62F38F26B49AI can also neither confirm nor deny that they offered 9096😉

I have not seen the hard copy catalog yet so I must be missing something in the feature sets of the various add-on cars. Otherwise I can't see why single dome cars have a MSRP of $329 and two car expansion sets on the same pages, each including a dome car, have a MSRP of $359. What gives?

"What gives?"

WI-FI video cameras are installed in the "vistavision" dome cars.

enjoy your trains...



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