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Reply to "New Lionel Volume 2"

Larry Neal posted:
tom21pa posted:
Thaddeus posted:

The NS OCS engines are going to get me.  I've been waiting for these for some time.  

"Just when I think I'm out, they bring me right back in!"

I hope the catalog picture is wrong, the HEP exhaust doesn't look right.  

They should have used the current three numbers instead of four to differentiate these from the MTH offerings (or at least given people the choice). Surprised they made these anyway since MTH has made 2 or 3 offerings in PS2 and PS3. NS hardly uses them now except for large executive trips like Augusta. 

In the notch 6 podcast they said there will be a second run with the current numbers to help pay for tooling cost. Also stated the passenger cars will be a darker shade of Tuscan red. Will also be a rerun of the theater car buena vista with the darker red to match. 

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