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Reply to "New S scale 5x16"

Caldwell and Brendan,

Still in the design stage, I have been looking at Chuck's YouTube videos. He uses the MTH S track with road bed, it's nice looking track. I have looked at S fastrack at the hobby shop, that looks good too. I do like the legacy Berkshire's from lionel, they don't have scale wheels but seem to run good on Chuck's MTH track and switches without a problem. I don't like the lobster claw couplers, I prefer kadee's.


I left room for scenery on all four sides. I planned to make a scene within a scene all over the layout. I am still debating on the cosmetic overhead wire for the GG1, if I should use it on the inside loop over the bridge .

I still need to find a hobby shop that is willing to do the trade. But I do want to make sure I choose the right track, I will be asking plenty of you in S about why you chose the track that you did. I have found a thread on the forum about the use of fastrack, it looks nice but problems with the switches. You need to buy a separate power straight, unlike O fastrack has the power plugs on every piece.

I took that into consideration, I had brass track in my early years of HO, when I got into O I found atlas stainless steel track and loved it. I will look into fox valley track, although I have not seen any at the various hobby shops I been in.

I will be asking plenty of you for advice if and when I start this project.

Thank you for your input...

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