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so what do you all think possibly down the road the younger generation will see this come to fruition??






99.999% of the younger generation is going to/doesn't care about toy trains much less parts to repair them.


There are plenty of folks that have early Lionel command stuff that still runs as good as it did out of the box.


At this point in time, there are more parts available than most folks think. There is an assumption that there is zero parts availability for newer stuff and thats just plain false.


I think its better to enjoy your trains now, than to worry about 50 years from now. There are dozens of items you probably currently own ( some far more expensive than trains), TV's appliances, automobiles etc that will likely not be operating 50 years from now or have parts.


As far as those who may "inherit" ones trains, in most cases I'd bet most family members do not share the interest. Theres a reasonable chance many items would be sold off with no regard to value, operation or parts.


IMO there are "better" things one can worry about, toy trains are supposed to be an escape from the worrys of daily life.


Not every 50 year old locomotive made still runs, as Lee Willis once stated " what you are seeing are the survivors".



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