Reply to "New video of Lionel Vision Line UP Big Boy 4014 on the New Lower Level!"

Rocky Mountaineer posted:
Paul Kallus posted:

That's neat. Where do the wheel-flange wheel sounds come from? I always thought that would make a great toy train addition as you hear them all the time on real trains, are they from the Big Boy or some sound box?

Sweet video... really personifies why Legacy Railsounds is top-notch!  That V/L Big Boy "steam-boat whistle" is Lionel's best representation of a steam-boat style whistle to date.

Paul, the scraping wheel-flange sounds come from the Vision Line reefers w/freight-sounds.  If you missed out on those last year, you might want to pre-order the ones catalog'd this year. 


You are correct that it's Pacific Fruit Express car number 5888 which is making the sounds! I wasn't sure how much I would like the sounds when I got the car but now I don't know what I would do without them. It really adds to the realism.

I got the Nickel Plate Beer car when I was working at Stockyard Express. It's one of the last Crown Model Products that we received before Weaver shut down.

Glad you all enjoyed the video! The only issues I have had so far with the Big Boy is the troublesome blowdown valve smoke unit. I've had to change the rear drivers traction tires once as I've put a lot of miles on this thing. Wish Lionel had an odometer like all of the MTH engines!

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