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Reply to "Another New Layout Build Thread :) ! -- Lift Section is Operational !!!"

My son, who will be entering into his sophomore year of college this fall, is interning for a theater company this summer.   About a month ago they asked for volunteers to build the set.  My son, who has ZERO experience, volunteered but let them know up front he had no experience.   'No problem' they said.  He spent about 15 hours over a Saturday and Sunday helping them out.  Said he learned a lot.  Being on the autistic spectrum he can be a person of few words so I thought nothing of his response.

Two weeks later was Father's Day and like most weekends, I had a baseball game to umpire and away I went.  When I came home and after I had showered and changed my son tells me my Father's Day gift is down the basement.   A bit befuddled, down the basement I went....and found he'd done this while I was umpiring:

He knew I had to build benchwork for the new layout around a support post and figured he'd save me some time!! So whoever taught him the weekend he spent building the set obviously did a great job!

You never know!  And no, he's not into trains at all.

Dennis - Thanks for your idea on alignment pins - I never would have thought of it and ordered a set from Amazon as I will need a lift out section myself.



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