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Reply to "Another New Layout Build Thread :) ! -- Lift Section is Operational !!!"

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No problem!  I'd like to see some close-ups of the joints/corners of the benchwork.  It looks good!  Drill holes and run bus wires before you put the top deck on.  It REALLY helps!!!!

Thank-you Dennis.  Here's a quick shot of the corners - just screws and wood glue:

I have sawhorses with built-in slots which hold 2" diameter lumber.  I made a jig to support the square frame to make it 38' from the ground and from there you can use shims to make sure it's level.  Once level, the legs are attached.  I cut 8' lengths of lumber in half and once attached the excess length on the top is just sawed off.   Essentially, I'm just following the steps Jim Barrett set forth in his book.  My son didn't realize I was using glue so there's no glue in the pic above and he did something a bit different with the section around the pole.  He built a smaller box to the left of the pole and then attached the final side once to complete.  That's why you see clamps attaching the 2 sections - that's how he kept it level.   I have to attach a couple of strong-ties to hold the sections together and then I will remove the clamps.   With 2 sections attached it's plenty strong enough without the glue. 

The flat support joists near the floor will be used as shelf supports for storage.  Essentially, all the boxes you see on the shelves along the basement wall in the first photo will be under the layout - they'll be empty by then so it won't be much weight.   I'm using 2" thick 4x8 foam boards for the layout top as it's easier to do scenery and it will not need to support the weight of a human. 

And yes, I will be either drilling holes in the benchwork or attaching cable clamps in order to string all the bus wires before putting on the layout top.  I plan for 5 bus lines - 1 common, 1 each for the 3 track loops, and one for accessories.  My switches will be hand thrown.    I will also blatantly steal your idea of feeder stations! Never thought of that and it's much easier to attach multiple accessories to to the feeder station and only have 1 tap to the common and hot bus wires.

I look forward to seeing trains running on all 5 loops of your layout - that will be some sight!



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