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Not Couplers Again?!?

I posted a few days ago about getting a couple of Midgage cars. At that time I mentioned that the couplers reminded me of what you'd find on the old Athearn HO scale cars. Here is a side-by side of both:

side by side

Although certainly not identical, they are surprisingly similar.

I also have some of the old Model Die Casting couplers of a similar vintage: these are a little bigger than the Athearn types, and look pretty close to the Midgage couplers, at least in terms of coupler "head" size:

coupler comp.

Since the MDC's actually do work, I wondered if they could be adapted to fit the S scale cars. I first had to enlarge the slot in the shank to accept a 2-56 screw. Lots of fussy filing:

MDC couplers

Due to the much shorter MDC shank, I also had to move the coupler pocket mounting screw forward:






...and it works! Midgage on left...


I don't suppose there's much interest in all this, but I was home today and figured "what the heck"... 

Mark in Oregon





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