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Reply to "Not Couplers Again?!?"

Thank you for your interest, Chuck. I find this kind of stuff fascinating, even if few other do.

All "Midgage".

First up is the Santa Fe Reefer I got the other day:


Next is the MDT Reefer (bought at the same time). This is the one I put the MDC couplers on:


Both of these have that heavy cast bolster/coupler pocket set up you asked about.

This is the kit I got earlier (last month I think). Please note the car number (34859) is the same as the car in the first photo:



This kit has those stamped steel bolsters, and does not include trucks. Apparently this was sold under "The House of Trains" brand, yet you can see it is also marked "Midgage". Perhaps this "House of Trains" bought the remaining Midgage stock to sell under their name(?)

The instruction sheet for this kit (printed on an 8/12" x11" sheet) looks to be of a much newer vintage and has no date. The address is pre-zip code ("Chicago 15").

It is completely different from the sheets that came with the 2 (already built) cars I got last week. Those are on 11"x17" paper, are far more detailed and have a copy write date of 1946.

I can take more photos if needed. 

Mark in Oregon


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