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Putnam Division posted:
Farmer_Bill posted:

OGR dinner was always "Thursday Night at Friday's" until TGI Friday's closed, then it was "Thursday Night at Tuesday's" until Ruby Tuesday's closed, then it was "Thursday Night at Quaker Steak" (note the spelling).  If they close, maybe that should be the end of it.

Stirling as emcee at the Viking Club was always lots of fun.  Miss that guy!

I went through all my old pics of York dinners.....the 1st one I recorded was April 2009..... but it may have started earlier....I can't remember. I think it got going when we went to the 3 day format.

I suspect most of us want to be there for the opening bell on Friday.....then Thursday night is a good time.....I probably still will come up Weds nights and enjoy what's left of the Bandit Meets.

I will announce it now.....breakfast at Round-the-Clock will be 0700 on Fridays now....starting in April 2020.......the formal announcement for this year will be coming around the 1st of October....sneak peak: 0730-0800 start-up Thursday October 17 at the Round-the-Clock Diner Route 30 West (just east of the intersection with I-83).


Remember....whatever the York change is, we adapt and continue to enjoy it for as long as we can.


Is the OGR dinner the same as the forum dinner you are referring to Steve?  I thought the Forum dinner was on Friday night.  Is that still the case, or is the dinner Thursday night?  If Thursday, We can make it.  If Friday night, My wife and I will be in Gettysburg.

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