NS Announces Steam Program 2012

Or... West Coast, eat your heart out, lol!


So, can we actually expect NKP #765 over Horse Shoe Curve?!?!



Norfolk Southern employees soon will enjoy opportunities to ride
behind steam-powered excursion trains.

NS’ “Employee Appreciation Excursions” will be operated on weekends
this summer and fall in recognition of the corporation’s 30th
anniversary. Each of the railroad’s 11 divisions will host several

The tentative schedule is:

June 2-3, Georgia Division
June 9-10, Piedmont Division
June 30-July 1, Virginia Division
July 14-15, Central Division
July 21-22, Lake Division
July 28-29, Dearborn Division
Aug. 4-5, Pocahontas Division
Aug. 11-12, Pittsburgh Division
Aug. 18-19, Harrisburg Division
Sept. 8-9, Illinois Division
Sept. 15-16, Alabama Division

The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum and the Fort Wayne Historical
Society are providing the steam locomotives, equipment, and services
to make these excursions memorable, fun, and of course, safe.

Southern Railway 630 will be used for the trips on the southern part
of the system. No. 630 was built in 1904 by the American Locomotive
Company at Richmond, Va., and is one of the three locomotives that
will be used in NS’ 21st Century Steam program over the next four

Nickel Plate Road 765 will be used for the trips on the northern part
of the system. No. 765 was built in 1944 by the Lima Locomotive Works
in Lima, Ohio, and is familiar to many railroaders, having been in
excursion service on and off since 1979.

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