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per Eastern Rail News, this is the employee excursion schedule as of right now--subject to change.  Most trips will be very short.  A few will have a bit more mileage to them.



SR 630

June 2-3 Inman to Austell, GA (Atlanta, GA area)

Atlanta North District MP 140.8H to 134.7H


June 9-10 Salisbury to Barber Jct, NC

NS Asheville District MP S0.6 to S11.5


June 30-July 1 Roanoke to Walton, VA

NS Christiansburg District MP N261.7 to N297.6


July 14-15 Knoxville to Coster, TN

NS Knoxville Terminal MP A130.7 to A125.0

NS Coster Line MP C0.0 to C2.5


September 15-16 Irondale to Downtown Birmingham, AL (14th St)

NS East End District MP 791.8 to 798.2



NKP 765

July 21-22 Bellevue to Colsan, OH

NS Sandusky District MP S96.4 to S62.9


July 28-29 Homestead to Airline Yard, OH (Toledo, OH area)

NS Toledo Belt Line Connecting Track MP TB5.6 to Tb1.2

NS Chicago Line MP CD286.9 to CD290.8


August 4-5 Williamson to Naugatuck, WV

NS Pocahontas/Williamson District MP N459.7 to N470.3

NS Kenova District MP N470.3 to N484.3


August 11-12 Conway to CP Wood, PA (near Pittsburgh, PA)

NS Fort Wayne Line MP PC22.6 to MP34.8


August 18-19 Enola to CP Capital, PA (Harrisburg, PA area)

NS Port Road Branch MP EB73.0 to EB73.7

NS Pittsburgh Line MP PT110.9 to PT105.1

NS Harrisburg Line MP HP112.9 to HP111.3


September 8-9 Luther to Robertson, MO (St. Louis, MO area)

NS St. Louis District MP S8.3 to S16.9

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