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@big train posted:

I'm pretty sure that there's still a GG1 on the premises.  If I recall correctly, it is parked on the south side of the Mohawk.

Wikipedia says it's PC 4882.  The google satellite image shows a GG1.  Maybe they got a replacement for the 4903?


They do have a GG1, and it is next to the Mohawk. They have it “restored” in Penn Central lettering, but only on the side that’s up against the Mohawk. The Mohawk is similarly only partly lettered on one side, so the GG1 side is just black. There is a story that a G went to Texas in trade for the Mohawk. The Mohawk’s survival is pretty interesting, in the 50’s T&P bought it to display as a T&P steamer on the Texas State Fairgrounds.



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