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O-72 & O-60 6'5" X 18' Lionel Fastrack Layout Plan, with turntable and Lionel Extended Truss Bridge

This is a layout plan created for John Headley, who contacted me about expanding on an earlier design for his family:  Earlier Layout Plan  John's wife is also involved in the layout planning and selection of structures .

This version was expanded to allow an all O-72 route on the outside, with O-72 turnouts, while the inside route is O-60 with O-60 turnouts.  So both O-54 and scale O-72 trains can run on this layout, as well as traditional-sized equipment.   We found room to add a turntable and engine tracks in the right-side O-60 turn, for O-54 minimum locomotives.   

The actual dimensions are 6'5"x17'9".   John decided to curve the table surface around the left and right front corners, for better access and to easily move around the layout, and for an attractive look.

John has room for a 2'+ access aisle around the two sides as well as the front access, and he is considering a table on castors that can roll out for construction and occasional access.   The central operating and access "well", plus the two sides give this layout quite good reach and access for construction and maintenance.


Close-up view without the aisles:


Atlas has released an update to their 24" turntable, which fits this space quite well.  Redesigned Turntable.   The redesign looks more reliable and more attractive.   The layout front features Lionel's Lift-Out Extended Truss Bridge, along with two 10" girder bridges on the approach on each side.  Youtube bridge demonstration by Mike Reagan - very good!

The upper-left corner on top of the mountain has a small N-gauge circle of track for an amusement-ride train.   There is a ticket booth and waiting area, as well as a parking space serving this attraction.   

I hope you enjoy!  Comments and suggestions are always welcome.  -Ken


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