Reply to "O42 Tubular Track with Gray Ties?"

I anchor the tube track as little as possible.

1 per joint in the curves max.

An 0-27 oval might get 8 screws.

Until the straights are over 4 pieces long, they wont get one on an oval. 

On long straights, its one every three pieces.


Use Lionel/Ives track clips, and you'll really only need two screws


Its a shame the tracks are produced lighter than before vs thicker/better.

 One thing I used to do, I don't think I could today, is pick up a small oval track and carry it to another room.

 The O was ok. But 0-27 was an iffy proposition even back then.

   I think it might just droop and bend under its own weight, let alone withstand mild contact with another object along the way.


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