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Reply to "18” Observation Lounge Interior (Update 3)"

@Hancock52 posted:

Here's just a couple of other images just to round off what I was saying about current standards of printing.

@T.Albers mentioned not getting chair legs to print properly, and I have had that too, and with other fine scale supporting parts, even with commercially supplied items.

Lately however it has not been so - these are two more items provided by Tru2Scale that are roughly similar to some fittings I know were in the real Lone Star car after it was refurbished some years back. The curve and really tiny proportions of the legs are rendered with incredible accuracy and the finish is totally smooth, but I don't know what filament was used in printing them:

The only problem is how to fix them in place if they are freestanding - glue on those feet isn't going to have much to adhere to!

Yep, those are great and look like they were made on a resin 3D printer.  I hope you considering using super thin CA glue, if not the pad of glue is going to be bigger than the feet!  Resin printers have the advantage in O scale because they can print very fine objects like your tables.  The legs on those items are super delicate and would be difficult to make on a basic 3D printer.

Currently I'm working on making wine bottles and glasses for the Soda Fountain/Bar area of the Sun Valley.  Also, I wanted to test and see how small of an item I could reasonably create on this 3D printer.  Some of the tiny glasses turned out good and some didn't.

wine and water glasses


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  • wine bottles and water glasses
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