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Reply to "18” Observation Lounge Interior"

More super-fine work, @T.Albers - BUT now you have gone and done it, in terms of suggesting a way to deal with a passenger car detailing issue that has always really bugged me.

This is the fact that no matter how much work you do on interior furnishings, passengers etc., what someone looking through the windows is going to see is the background of window inserts and mostly unfinished car body side walls behind details built on to the car's floor. Not such a great problem on K-Line and Lionel aluminum cars of the past where the side walls are flat (and were mostly painted passenger interior beige or green). However, at the moment I have two projects going on Lionel 21" ABS UP Excursion cars. In these the windows are individual plastic inserts, which are large and stick out like a sore thumb. Here are a couple of examples, one from the City of San Fran observation compartment and the other the full length of the Lone Star Business car:


What I originally wanted to do with each of these was mock up the wood panelling that I know was installed in the real cars some years back. This is anything but easy because the panels are pretty ornate and contoured, one example being the Lone Star observation compartment that looked like this after a 2001 refit:


They didn't use Venetian blinds in this but cloth Roman blinds - although as you have illustrated you can mock up cloth by high-res inkjet printing. I used that to try and replicate parts of this compartment's fittings, which include the absolutely gigantic Serpentine sofa - although that and the dining chairs got a flocking/fake felt spray-on treatment. The wood panelling is in fact printed on peel and stick vinyl inkjet paper:

11-FuzzyFurniture copy

I think that so far as the interior side walls of these cars are concerned I will try doing something like your treatment. It won't be prototypical - none of my efforts are - but it could address the through-the-window view issue. More work, of course!


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