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Reply to "18” Observation Lounge Interior (Update 3)"

T.Albers posted:

Also, where are you finding all those scale items for the tables? Last time you told me search for 1/48 dollhouse stuff on eBay but in this Observation car you have a wine list menu on the bar, martini glasses filled with alcohol, liquor bottles and playing cards.  Dang... I’m just not finding those 1/48th items on eBay.

Regarding the wine menu and similar table items shown in the pictures (mostly other menus, napkins and other linens used in the cars), these I made myself from images available on the web, which I printed at high DPI and slightly above scale size with an inkjet photo printer and glued them in place. Original items of this kind from MKT and Frisco (especially the latter) have been preserved and there are lots of images of them online. The same goes for UP; take a look at this page from Streamliner Memories for examples:

The filled Martini glasses came from a truly very  talented miniaturist (Janet of DesertMinis) who has now retired from online retailing. I bought up a quantity of her quarter scale food and drink items for two dining car projects. However she said she'd be willing to make further cocktail items on an ad hoc basis; if you are interested in some of these shoot an email to the address in my profile and I'll see what I can do. (You can find the glasses themselves at the two sources linked below; the real art is in making a miniature drink out of them.)

The liquor/wine bottles and cards are the easiest to source. The bottles are 3D printed in clear plastic and only require a coat of glass paint on one side of them to look filled. Some also come with separate printed "labels" although it's a fiddly job to apply them. The best sources I found are at:

(1) This site is a little difficult to navigate but if you go to the “Quarter Scale Finished Items” page that’s where the playing cards are listed as items DAY-5 and DAY-6 and there are other glassware and related items in the same section; and

(2) another and more extensive quarter scale source with a vast catalog is at Go to their 1/48th scale section.

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