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Reply to "UPDATE: 9-30-20 ... OGR Forum Supporting Member Announcement"

@Allegheny posted:

Hello Alan,

For those of us who were Digital Subscribers prior to the new "Supporting Member" category, weren't we in effect supporters of the Forum?  As Digital Subscribers we are given access to the entire library.

Thus if I sign up as a Supporting Member wouldn't that in effect be considered as signing up twice without any additional benefits?

Just trying to understand the offering better. 


The digital subscription nor the print subscription supports the forum financially.  As I explained above, the forum sponsorships were created to help keep the forum going and are a benefit to all participants.  A long time ago there was a premium membership here on the forum that included some perks but that was years ago.  The creation of the supporting members opportunity is meant to allow those members to receive access to their own video library but not the same access as a digital subscriber.  Also, there are some cases in which one wants to support the forum but doesn't want to become a subscriber (greater than 80% of the membership does not subscribe to the magazine!).  In addition, they get the special tag that lets other members know that their contribution helps keep the forum free plus they get a special certificate that can be displayed which many members will do in their trainrooms, etc. 

I would hope that you would see the benefit of signing up but that is up to you as this is not a requirement as a forum member nor does it imply that because you are a current magazine subscriber that this is anything more than offering what a lot of members suggested over the past few years.   Many members realize that this forum is valuable to them and that their supporting membership will help keep the forum the way they like it free from increased and hobby unrelated advertising. 

Thanks for your current support through your subscriptions!

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