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Reply to "UPDATE: 9-30-20 ... OGR Forum Supporting Member Announcement"

As a magazine subscriber and a digital subscriber, I couldn't sign up fast enough. This forum is tops in people helping others and also in gaining knowledge for things we want to do, can't do and learning whom to send it to. No Where on the internet will you gain FRIENDS like here. I know one of the popular sites has you getting lots of FRIENDS but think of this please:

1. Here you can just remain quiet for free and observe

2. Here you can ask for help

3. here you can offer help

4. Here you find out you have friends that will actually communicate with you and help you or support you. They aren't in a list that you have to confirm then never hear from them.

5. Here your friends are really friends wanting to listen, Offer support or help and sometimes physically offer to come help out. You will not find that any where else and all for free.

I get the magazine and love it, I also get the digital and love it as it lets me do lots of things plus search previous issues of the magazine. It also has the same articles with MORE content.

Asking for $12.00 a year which is $1 a month is nothing. I don't drink coffee but I guzzle 7Up. I think I can do without 6 two liter bottles a year.

And as a final note:

Thank you all for being friends regardless of how stupid or dumb or ignorant (and sometimes but I hope few, Arrogant) I am.

C. Curtis Homan Sr


What's Up? Seven of course! 7Up best drink to have with trains! Notch them up to 8 and run down the rails.


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