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OGR Magazines - Paper versusu digital - not the same ? ? ?

I recently saw a Member discussing a recent 2020 OGR paper magazine article, and I noticed it had a Pennsy tuscan red 5-stripe diesel on the cover.

I could not make out the date of issue, nor issue #, nor was it mentioned, only that it was a recent copy.

I went to my digital description issues, and there is no version with a Pennsy diesel on the cover in 2020 !?!

Did I overlook this edition somehow, or are the magazine covers different between the paper vs. digital versions?

...and if the digital and paper magazine versions are different, then why?  I send you a separate post today stating that a Menard's catalogue insert that Alan promoted, was also not in the digital issue . . . ?

Please clear the perceived inequity . . . thank you.

...and please remember that it is loyal followers that take the time to point things like this out.  ~;0}


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