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Reply to "OGR Magazines - Paper versusu digital - not the same ? ? ?"

@EB posted:

I recently saw a Member discussing a recent 2020 OGR paper magazine article, and I noticed it had a Pennsy tuscan red 5-stripe diesel on the cover.

I could not make out the date of issue, nor issue #, nor was it mentioned, only that it was a recent copy. I went to my digital description issues, and there is no version with a Pennsy diesel on the cover in 2020 !?! Did I overlook this edition somehow, or are the magazine covers different between the paper vs. digital versions?

It was Run 305, the April/May 2019 Issue that had the PRR FA No. 9663 on the cover.

...and if the digital and paper magazine versions are different, then why?  I send you a separate post today stating that a Menard's catalogue insert that Alan promoted, was also not in the digital issue . . . ?

The print and digital editions are the same, with the exception that the digital typically has more pages with additional images. The Menards insert wasn't in the digital because they only wanted it in the print book.


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