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Lionel FasTrack

The 60 turnout section is equal to a 22.5* O60 curve + a 1-3/8" straight (included). But that doesn't fix the geometry issues caused. Nothing wrong with the O60 turnouts leading into sidings. But, as it was in my case, I was using it to branch off and turn 90* to go south to meet up with another line. There is no way to make the geometry work without using a 1-3/8" straight for every O60 curve. (No I'm not making crop circles.)

In the bottom right corner of the image, I put O60 curves in color on top of the O60 turnout. The O60 curve comes up short, by, you guessed it, 1-3/8." So you add on of the included 1-3/8" straights to an O60 curve if you want it to match the turnout section of the O60 switch. The bottom image shows that you can make a circle, or 1/2 or 1/4 circle, but you get a wonky 33-29/64" radius. I guess that's why you get 3 of the 1-3/8's straights with each purchase of an O60 turnout. You're going to need a lot of 'em!

60 Turnout

60 Turnout Circle


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