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Reply to "OK Engines passenger cars"

Screenshot_20200109-015732_PhotosPingman posted:

Nice project, Scott.  What will you use for the car ends?

Also, any chance you can photograph the car ends straight on and pair it with a photo of other extruded aluminum shells for comparison?  A side by side photo would be optimal showing the interior of the extrusions.


Carl,  I have been using traditional Lionel car ends that fit ok although not the ultimate choice.  I would like to swap these out later.  The sheet metal ends OK sends are useless. Here is a pic of the phase III Slumbercoaches from OK with the Lionel ends. The car to the left is a Lionel 21" car, an former CSX repainted in Amtrak phase III.

Here are comparison pics with a K-Line aluminum 21" dining car with phase IV paint by Christine. 20200109_02344920200109_02332220200109_023304


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  • Screenshot_20200109-015732_Photos
  • 20200109_023449
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  • 20200109_023304
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