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Reply to "OK Engines passenger cars"

Here are photos of MAC Shops Budd cars. The same body extrusions used in all MAC Shops kits, including the RDC, which did not have purlins (the two lengthwise ribs on the roof).  

The duplex-roomette sleeper seen below,  models the first of eleven such cars delivered to the B&O in 1954, all were named for birds.  I was aboard the Bobolink on its first day of service with the National Limited at the Jersey City Terminal in the spring of 1954. It was assigned for drop-off to Louisville KY. 

The coach/dinette RDC-2 (one of two such units) was built to order by Budd in 1956 for Washington DC - Pittsburgh PA service. 

The MAC Shops B&O dome sleeper was a special run of only a few kits. It models the three 'fast back' Budd dome sleepers originally built in 1948 for C&O's "Chessie" which was cancelled. The dome has more taper at the rear than in the front, like  mid-40's automobile styling.  B&O purchased them to upgrade their "Capitol Limited." Names in B&O service were Moonlight Dome, Starlight Dome and Sunlight Dome. 

S. Islander 


Images (3)
  • 112: B&O Class S-21 - 16 duplex roomette 4 dbl BR sleeper "Bobolink"
  • 137: B&O Clss DC-4 "Speed Liner" 24 seat coach / 24 seat diner factory modified RDC-2.
  • DOME23: B&O Class S-25 - 5 roomette / 3 drawing room / 1 bedroom Srata Dome sleeper. Special, limited MAC Shops run kit.
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