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Reply to "OK Engines passenger cars"

Here are a few representative photos of my Clark Benson aluminum cars that I purchased in the late '80s or thereabouts.  Basically, these are scale length (~21" except for the baggage car which is ~18"), LIONEL extrusions, using LIONEL car ends, but with a Masonite (?) "frame" and clear film "window" inserts--no trucks or couplers supplied.

First, a photo of the basic extrusion:

Balls, Benson 026


This is one of three vista domes with the cast lead dome frame:

Balls, Benson 033

The baggage car box says it's 70' but it measures 18":Balls, Benson 024

This is the "collection" in their original boxes and handwritten labels (by Clark himself?):

Balls, Benson 012

As I said, I'll start a thread showing these Clark Benson cars in more detail, including direct comparisons to LIONEL's PW "wide channel" aluminum cars.

In the meantime, thanks to Scott, S. Islander, and Bob2 for the info and photos.


Images (4)
  • Balls, Benson 026
  • Balls, Benson 033
  • Balls, Benson 024
  • Balls, Benson 012
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