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OK, I measured the track voltage. So, . . . am I done?

Hey Guys,

We had a lengthy and informative discussion two weeks ago, about my proposal to run about 12 to 16 separate sets of 18 gauge feeder wires from the main power supply wires in my  control box, out to the 5 separate track power blocks in my layout.

As discussed back then, the longest run of these sets of feed wires is about 8 feet.

I have completed wiring everything up as I proposed.

To make sure I had enough voltage in each track block, I broke the bank and bought a $7.00 Voltmeter at Harbor Freight.

By some random wizardry, I actually figured out how to set the red dial, and where to plug in the common and hot testers.

I have a used RMT Z-1000 transformer, which says on the box that it has a rated output of 18 Volts, and 100 watts.

I tested my transformer at the variable output posts, with the throttle turned all of the way up, and the meter read 17.3 volts.

I tested the farthest control block of track from my transformer, with power turned on only to this block, and the meter read 17.1 volts.   

I tested separately tested every other control block on the layout, and they each read 17.2 volts.

Interestingly, when I turn on all of the blocks at once, the farthest block also tests at 17.2 volts.  (Some sort of leakage I guess.)

So, I am just wondering, . . . am I done?

1.    Will adding more feeder power wires to the tracks create any additional benefits in any respects?     

2.     But also, if sometime in the future, I buy a more powerful transformer that is suppose to have say 150 watts, then what?   Will more power wires to the track be required to keep the voltage up at the max?  Or, to keep the wires from overheating?

Thanks as always,


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