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Reply to "Old Lionel Boxes"

RailRide posted:
Popi posted:

that brings up another point, what to do with boxes,

ive got boxes from pre, post MPC, Williams, MTH, Kline, Marx.

Im about ready to send them to the burning barrel

Image result for burning barrel

Some people want boxes they don't have,

some people have boxes they don't want.

Why not bring the two together? List what you have in Buy/Sell and see if you get any takers for at least some of them. I imagine somebody out there will take at least some of them off your hands . Eventually.

(Personally, I'm looking for a RailKing box that'll fit this caboose, and a MTH Premier box for a 50' boxcar)



I have a Railking box with white insert for this caboose you have (off-set steel caboose). The box has no tears or missing flaps and the plastic window is good, it had little sign of wear and with the price sticker on the front "21.99".  The condition of the box and white insert is very good to like new.  This box was for a Santa Fe # 30-77016,  I would try to take pictures of the box. send me E-mail if interesting.

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