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Here are some photos looking North at the Metropolitan Ave station. At the far end of the photo would be the point where the Steam dummy was situated in Bobs earlier photo.


metro ave


In the lot to the left, we used to park our cars for the day when taking the Train to Downtown Manhattan. I think it was $2 for the week and the Lady who collected your 2 bucks on Monday knew who paid and who didn't later in the week.

The area to the right of the station was the cut for the New York Connecting Railroad. The New Haven Bay Ridge trains ran on this line , long freights pulled by heavy freight motors and frequently. Ben you remember these at the Southern end at the Bay Ridge 69th street yard.To the right of the railroad was New Farmers Oval. As teenagers , we played league Baseball on a field there . I can remember riding the Gate cars to get there from Williamsburg Brooklyn out to the wilds of Middle Village Queens. It was quite rural and there was a lot of new housing constructed there from the late 50's into the late 60's.





This is an R-11 fan trip about 1 month after the Myrtle Elevated below Broadway was discontinued. There are some Q cars up at the end of the track at the right.This was a stub ended station. The Platform was all wood and it had a covered Island about halfway which was ok for the three car Myrtle el trains that operated from here. The station building was wood construction and went back to the early 2oth century. The Lutheran Line when built operated from Ridgewood, around Wycoff ave North to the Cemetary entrances at Metropolitan Ave. Neidersteins a hotel and restaurant from the 19th century was just east of here on Metropolitan Ave. Here is a photo of Niedersteins. Was built in 1854 but now gone.






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