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MNCW posted:


  I don't know that much about subways, maybe you can confirm, did I see Redbirds and our 238th/Nereid Ave/Mt. St.Michael stop?

  Nice video.


Hello Tom --

Yes,  there were a number of scenes in that movie at or near  our E.238th St-Nereid AV IRT EL Station via which "The Mount" (Mt. St. Michael School)  was reached after a many block walk eastward towards the Borderline literally of Bronx and Mt Vernon -- the rear of the Mount grounds ran along Mundy Lane -- the easterly side border of the school grounds was on the Bronx, west side of, Mundy Lane, while the opposite sidewalk was on Mount Vernon land.  Nereid (aka E. 238St) on the north becomes E. 5th St in Mt Vernon,  and Pitman Ave on the south school border becomes Sanford Blvd (E.6th St) at Mundy Lane,  that Sanford Blvd which a few blocks southeast took you to (in our time) the closed former NYW&B RR Station at E.6th St.

The video, even tho shot in 2000,  17 years ago NOW,  could well have been in a snowstorm in the 1950's and 60's with IRT SMEE trains barreling thru the snow.  I liked the addition on the sidewalks of the installation of those retro reproduced Bishop Crooks Gooseneck streetlights -- like those along the Avenue in the 1920's thru late 1960's -- the night scenes with the snow and the vintage lamp posts' globes glowing warm light !  And the Christmas decorations crossing the avenue under the EL.  They don't even do that anymore, heh !

The FIRST TWO photos BELOW side by side are  looking north from the south end of the E. 89th St Local Station, 3rd Ave EL, Manhattan, in the early 1950's.  The B&W photo at left is on the west sidewalk of 3rd Ave and shows the antiquity of the EL line & neighborhood I grew up with -  as does the station platform level view photo at its right.  This was the EL Station just north of my E. 84th St Local Station.  My mother and I walked up 3rd Ave. along the EL to shop regularly at the corner fruit & vegetable store seen in both photos.  And at some other stores along that block.  I remember it so well !   That boy with the hat could be me around 1952.  My EL station was fully identical to this one at E.89th Street.  This general view is typically what I saw all along the EL back in the 1950's -- pure Victorian and pre-WW-I era real estate, heh !

The THIRD photo BELOW is what I saw daily along the Avenue growing up -- with the Mack (and some GMC) Red and Cream transit buses bouncing and rattling on the uneven cobblestone paving with its embedded streetcar tracks under the then ancient 1878 built EL Structure still lined by then ancient real estate.

The FOURTH & FIFTH photos BELOW are in 2016 taken at the corners of Lydig Ave and White Plains Rd. along (our) EL line north to "The Mount" -- with the re-installation classic of the retro-repro cast iron Bishop Crook gooseneck type streetlights along the a short few blocks section of the avenue just below Pelham Parkway Station,   along a more solidly built and heavier modern 1917 built EL Structure -- but still able to create a nostalgic look back to a decades earlier era even with more modern storefronts and signage.  I can imagine trains of IRT Low-V's thundering by overhead as I remember them there back in the 1950's-60's !

The LAST photo BELOW looks north in 2016 towards our EL station at E.238th St-Nereid Ave which we both used to and from "The Mount" at the end of Nereid Avenue for the long walk eastward.  The city put that stupid wide sidewalk into the roadway -- for what purpose.  Takes away all the parking spaces.  When I went to the Mount there was still cobblestone paving on the street under the EL, and abandoned trolley tracks.  The street was blacktop paved around 1960 or so.  And old iron pipe streetlights with ornamental under-support scrolls, mounted on wooden utility poles that lined White Plains Road !

Well,  our memories of the EL train and route to the Mount are very similar - even if mine are older from a now long ago visually-vanished era !  You can always go "back",  but you can never truly go "home" - in most cases !

Best Regards, Tom - - Joe F

zzN to SB E.89ST STA-3AV EL-5-12-1955N on SB E.89St 3AV EL STA-1954N under 3 AV EL in upper mid Manhattan-1950S at Lydig & Southern Blvd-IRT WH PL RD EL-2016NE at Lydig AV & Southern Blvd-IRT ELN on Wh PL RD to E.238St Neried AV EL STA-2016


Images (6)
  • N to SB E.89ST STA-3AV EL-5-12-1955
  • N on SB E.89St 3AV EL STA-1954
  • N under 3 AV EL in upper mid Manhattan-1950
  • NE at Lydig AV & Southern Blvd-IRT EL
  • S at Lydig & Southern Blvd-IRT WH PL RD EL-2016
  • N on Wh PL RD to E.238St Neried AV EL STA-2016
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