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Hello RJR -----------

You, I and Lionel 1933 here could share some great memories of our riding those lines now gone - riding the great 3rd Ave EL-  or significantly changed  per the Dyre Ave. (ex-NYW&B RR) Line shuttle with wood IRT EL Gate cars which I rode a few times there in 1953,  and with IRT Hi-V subway cars from mid 1953 thru 1957 -- and the now very vintage -back then visual way the city looked in those times !!  The transit vehicles we rode -- all now long gone (except for a scant few cars in Museums or the NYC Transit Museum --- but riding them in daily revenue back then in the city the way it was,  are now all but distant memories.  Memories which spurred me to create the earlier HO EL layout and later O-Scale EL & Trolley layout and  vintage real estate and street scenes along the "EL" on the layout.

Wow, your mother sent you from NEW JERSEY to the Mount at the far east end of the Bronx !!! -- WHAT a long trip !!  And time consuming !  Obviously to board (live at the school,  a boarder) there for the week and come home weekends and holidays....and summers (?)   I boarded there part time in 1955-56.  Riding all that transit back then for you as very young back then must have been almost magical, enchanting  and exciting !  

If you have not seen my layout webpage, here is the Link to the Main PAGE and Albums PAGE. Some of the modeled scenes and rolling stock will be familiar to your memories of the prototypes.  Also check out the FAVORITES section photos - videos on my site



BELOW is an aerial MAP and aerial PHOTO of the Mount and the landmarks nearby circled in red

regards - Joe F

Mt St Michael Map and landmarks nearbyMt St Michael aerial & landmarks




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  • Mt St Michael Map and landmarks nearby
  • Mt St Michael aerial & landmarks
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