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Reply to "Old New York"

bluelinec4 posted:
Mark Boyce posted:

Ben, I have neglected to hop on this topic and tell you how much I enjoy seeing the Old New York photographs that everyone is sharing.  I always find "then and now" photographs to be fascinating.  I have never been to New York in my 62 years, but I do recognize many places from photographs.  Pittsburgh is "The Big City" to me!    Yinz can quit laughing any time now!  

Well we have to rectify that and have you at the club  Cmon down

I have been to Pittsburgh and had a great time there   These may make you feel at home


This just happens to be one of those engines I wish somebody would make  Its an Alco Century 415Monongahela Connecting ALCO C415 701 In 1969 At Pittsburgh PA

Thank you Ben!  

Yes, the old B&O station.  I grew up out in the country in the same house my dad and grandpa grew up in.  However, it was about 1/4 mile from a rural B&O station.  Dad said they would ride the train in to the Pittsburgh B&O station then take a streetcar out to Oakland to see the Pirates play in Forbes Field.  He took us to Forbes Field later, but the B&O had stopped passenger service by the mid '60s.

Good point about not seeing a model of the Alco Century 415.

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