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Reply to "Onboard camera systems"

@Stone Rhino posted:

This is good looking stuff guys. Been curious what to throw the stimulus check at!

I havent touched my system in a while and frankly I think its time for a refresh. Truth be told, I think isolated power is the smarter (and cleaner) choice. This eliminates any interference that any system could potentially add.

The Lionel camera caboose:

  • Is decent for what it is
    • Compared to my 900TVL analog system, the quality was decent
      • Very little chop
    • Higher quality settings requires clearer line-of-sight and more bandwidth
    • Medium quality is going to be what it is for now
    • You can turn the lights off/on
    • Okay picture
      • Built in night vision (Manual control only)
  • It struggles to keep connections in a conventional environment 
    • Instructions say it was intended for command operation only
    • There are no buffer caps for any kind of direction changes or brief stops
    • I'd have happily paid an extra 20$ for that to have been built in Lionel... Shame!
  • The amount of time it takes to connect can be up to five minutes!
  • Have to reset the caboose back to defaults after an hour or two of continuous operation
    • This has been a reccurring problem for me as it will just stop transmitting. To boot you have to reset it from scratch, so all of the stuff it requires you to setup the first time, you have to do it again.
  • The app is prone to freezing. There have been few updates and its more so intended to be paired directly with your phone via Ad-Hoc Wi-Fi.

H1000, the ARIES Pro looks like the ticket for a solid picture. I think I will get one of those to dissect.

Some of the goPro's have Micro HDMI's you can connect and view live.

Something I found out about the Lionel Camera app was that it is a canned app provided by someone else. For better performance, I used the BVCAM app, it works with Lionel camera systems and app is much more reliable. I agree with the isolated power source. There is absolutely no chance for power interference and no chance of voltage surge damaging expensive equipment.

I will have to revisit the GO Pro for the HDMI output as a possible candidate. Thanks for the input!

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