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Reply to "overheating solenoid"

@TrainLarry posted:

I believe this book has information concerning rewinding various motors and coils, including the wire gauge and number of turns. Rewind these items to factory specs.



Thanks for the book recommendation.  I will likely purchase it, however my solenoid is wrapped with paper in between each layer of wire.  I do not know the first thing about rewrapping wire for any component.  

Also, it is getting a little confusing with the replies since KD is riding on my post with his problemed solenoid.  I believe some recommendations are trying to solve his problem but I can't run it a voltage that keeps the heat down because the "hot" is connected to track power and since the motor is a Prewar standard gauge engine, it needs the higher voltage to run decently.

Here are some observations I have noticed in testing/operating the solenoid:

  1. The plunger seems to "flicker" rapidly up&down unless it is close to 15 VAC.  Again, that's were the heat really kicks in and burns my fingers while holding it.
  2. There is never a short, but I notice the fan of my CW-80 slows down slightly when turning on the solenoid.
  3. Before I noticed the overheating issue, I was testing the reverse and trying to tweak the pendulum as it wasn't always catching.  While doing this my alligator clips sometimes crossed themselves and had a brief short.  Could this have started my problem?
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