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Thank you for that information. It helps and makes sense.

Not to co op this thread, but I have a question on how you go about matching not only the color, but the original gloss. Did different railroads vary the sheen on their paint mixtures? For example, was a black steam engine purchased by Pennsylvania RR the same, as say the Virginian? Was a high gloss finish the norm for new equipment?

Thank you again.


Jerry, …I can answer this for you,…when the railroads submitted a plan for a build, often the factory had paint samples for the purchasing agent to preview before application. Level of gloss depended on what the builder had available for the railroad to purchase,…..usually came down to a choice between a lacquer or an enamel finish,….back then, a lacquer finish held a deeper gloss than an enamel, and in a short time period, an enamel would begin to “ chalk” or dull out fairly quickly…….but if we’re discussing steam locomotives, many chose a lacquer finish….subsequently as well, newly machined rods and valve gear would be treated to triple coats of clear lacquer when new, and the lacquer applied over the bare steel….this not only was an appearance enhancement, it also served to let mechanics and inspectors check more easily for cracks or defects, that would otherwise be possibly hidden from a colored paint,….


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