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Reply to "Painting plastic figures"

I have painted over 3,000 Preiser 65602 Unpainted Seated People for 139 of my Lionel and Atlas O 21" passenger cars.

I use Testor's Flat Acrylic Paints or Tamiya Flat paints.  I do not spray the white plastic figures from Preiser.  They are clean on the sprue.  I use Tamiya Flat Flesh for skin tones.  For dark skin tones I have used Testor's Dark Skin Tone.  The color seems too shiny, so I use it for leather jackets on the figures.  This color paint gels quickly, but that could be a supply warehouse issue, ie. older paint.

The figures from China need two coats of paint due to the mold oil residue. The first coat of color seals the figure. The second covers imperfections.

I use Testor's Flat White as a base to tint for my five shades of pastels I use for women's clothing.  Men have four shades of brown, gray, blue and tan.

I am currently painting 14 more Presier 65602 24-packs.

Sincerely, John Rowlen


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