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Reply to "Paradise in the Basement"

Great thread Arnold!  I really enjoy the beautiful "train caves' and layouts featured here.

My tiny slice of paradise is only 16 in wide by 8 ft long.  Its a seasonal layout (comes down in the spring and summer and back up for the fall and winter) that occupies a section of our den.  This is my first O-Gauge "layout" and I hope to have time to expand it this season.  It has two key features - a coal tower scene and a depot scene.  It's an admittedly modest pike, but brings me hours of enjoyment none-the-less.

Here's the coal tower scene with a line-up of Pennsy power.


Here's a couple of pics of the depot scene.

Depot Scene

PRR L1 with Boxcar


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  • Depot Scene
  • PRR L1 with Boxcar
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