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Reply to "Parts from Brasseur Trains"

Originally Posted by Tiffany:

Hello CGWforever......


We do have the IP relay but its often hard to explain to the IP operator about train related things such as( siderod bolts for the 2-10-4 or ZW transformer or boxcar) most of the time I have to spend more time explaining to the operator then the other person on the other line hangs up.  It has happen to us number of times. For other things its no problem. So I count on heavy on E-mails and they still don't respond.  It does get frustrating at times.


the woman who loves the S.F.5011,2678,2003,200


When I make the call, I always note to business to let them know that " I am deaf and use relay service to communcate you, get it?" They understood. It worked great, yes, very few will hang up on me. Make the calls is best than email. 



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