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Reply to "Passenger Trains and Mars Lights"

No sweat to add a MARS light simulator...

I would like to use a miniature simulator module to produce mars light action with the taillight on my Northland, a heavyweight business car.    This is a K-Line model with incandescent overhead lighting. The car marker lights are LEDs and I have wired a red LED to that circuit. I run DCS with 18 voltage. The overhead light board has resistors for the LEDs and the red taillight works fine.   

Question:  How easy would it be to add a Ngineering MSM to that circuit?  Would I just solder it in series to the red LED.  Also, which module would you recommend - Early-era Flasher Simulator N037 or Earl-era & Modern-era Alternating Flasher Simulators - N038?   

I am a little confused since the instillations and specs on the web site only refer to DCC operation.    

Thanks for help and any recommendations.  

Cheers, Dave



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