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Reply to "Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines Coaches, 8/21/2020"

With some good ideas from members of the PRSL Historical Society (PRSLHS), further progress has been made on my O-27 PRSL coach. Below is my first attempt with the window striping (3/16") too wide.

 9865 Decaled

 Here is the exterior and an interior of a coach that I am trying to simulate.

   PRSL_P70_9935_1P70 Coach Interior

 Below are photos of my coach with 1/16" window striping. It is still a bit wide but not quite as over-powering.


 Several members of the PRSLHS, of which I am an original member, brought to my attention that the road numbers are too close to the doors and that what I mistook for an extra PRSL herald at the far end of the coach in the prototype photo is, in fact. a round, frosted glass window for the lavatory. I will try to correct those two details on this and future coaches. Thank you all for keeping me honest.

 Below is my partially complete interior for the coach based on the prototype photo. More interior detailing has yet to be completed.


 This has been a fun project.


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  • 9865 Decaled
  • PRSL_P70_9935_1
  • P70 Coach Interior
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