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The Market-Frankford BUDD-built  "Almond Joy" (roof style, heh) EL cars,   and the old Broad Street Subway Cars,  were made as epoxy resin bodies by Imperial Hobby Productions.  But only in HO and N Scales.  IHP (Mike Bartel) did for a short time,  plan to offer those cars in O -Scale but that plan was soon cancelled and those items he removed  from his website.  Perhaps IHP may have made the Kawasaki (1980 era) Broad 4 class Subway Cars --- in HO Scale -- .  Here is the IHP Shapeways' link:

Steve Olsen totally scratch-built a pre-war Broad Street (South Broad class) in O-Scale -- here BELOW are a few photos of it. 

We few remaining old timer 2-rail O-"Scaler's" have for the past 5  decades,  had  to for the most part,  self-scratch-build our own specific desired subway (and "EL") cars - and trolley cars -- and I have done quite very many NY transit rolling stock myself. 

Sadly, there is - (and has for my 46 years in Philly) - almost no known interest in modeling (and thus production-model-marketing,) "Philadelphia Rapid Transit"  -- a region where the traction fans (and modelers) are mostly quite more into the City and Suburban STREETCARS, past and present,  only.  And there are plenty of models of those various eras, classes,  of Philly region streetcars in all scales available -- both ready to run and epoxy resin kits to finish.

ISLAND MODEL WORKS did produce the Kawasaki 1980 era Broad 4 Subway Cars,  The BUDD Market-Frankford 1960 era (Almond Joy roof) EL Cars,  and the newest Market Frankford  ME-3  (presently operating) EL Cars   BUT all ONLY in HO SCALE.  Here is his webpage with photos of these items;

For some reason,  there is very little interest (or not enough) to do any production run of these three car types in O SCALE   -- and remember, ONLY as body shells which you have to finish up - paint, power, etc. etc., to full completion.

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BELOW - 3 photos of O SCALE scratch built "South Broad" Subway Car built and finished by Steven Olsen .
Steve also built and maintains  our New York City Model Transit Assn. WEBSITE



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