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Hello CTSRapid

I have had many solely friendly-chat based conversations with the VP at MTH over the past few years -- and other than the new line of HO SCALE NYC Subway cars they have been involved with -- there are no plans definite yet for the future on any new tool & die created new O Scale NYC subway models.  There are 2 models that we had on the drawing board for consideration back around 2006  -- that is, until the economy took a big dump starting near the end of 2007 and mainly all thru 2008 -- with little decent recovery to this present date (as we all know, feel, see, read and hear).  (Just look at your savings accounts bank interest !!!)   Those two cars were the IND R-10 and the IRT R-15. 

As it was,  bulk sales and new item pre-orders dropped in late 2006 thru 2008 for MTH newest-production NYC Subway set O-Scale items....and therefore far less total production numbers were produced of those affected sets,  than was normal in sets of previous  years,  to satisfy the diminished numbers of new pre-orders and sales.  MTH and the whole hobby industry felt the failing economy - - and MTH since then over the past few years have only produced small re-runs of years-earlier produced O Gauge NYC subway sets.

And as you see LIONEL only produced an R-16 , R-27 and R-30 Set using the same R-27 body tool & dies  -- and that was it.  No more new NYC subway sets from them for a long time....nor even any new tool & die created body style designs !

Also, NYC Subway sets have long been seen being sold on EBAY in significant numbers -- and privately on some forum boards and chat boards.  I know of at least 5 people who sold all or much of their subway sets due to job loss,   cut back work time, and economic problems. Or just lost interest over the past few years under this economy and its financial challenges !  Anyway, that's the status quo as it has been and is. 

Here are some photos on my EL Line  of my own scratch built IRT R-15 Car in O-Scale.  The O-Scale IRT R-17 Car seen coupled behind my R-15 Car I scratch built also, and is NOT the MTH R-17 model which was produced many years AFTER I scratch built both these shown models back around 2000-01.

PS:  O-Scale Philly Subway Car models may not be dead if enough interest over time can be generated to do a small production run  (30 cars at the least) thru Joe O at IMW.  But of course, they still then have to be painted, have interiors, trucks, and underbody added, and be  (2 rail or 3 rail system) powered.  And the model-purchaser must have the skills to do that work  !!

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