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Reply to "Pictures or links for benchwork construction of modular sections"


Our club also uses C-clamps to secure the modules together and thumb screws into t-nuts to attach the legs.

I am using hex bolts and t-nuts in my new layout, as shown below.  I use them to secure modules together and to attach the legs to the modules.  A socket on the drill make short work of attaching and tightening.  Plus, it draws the t-nut tight.  I recessed anything along the front so as not to interfere with the facia.


Benchwork 9Benchwork 10Benchwork 11Benchwork 12Benchwork 13


Images (5)
  • Benchwork 9
  • Benchwork 10
  • Benchwork 11
  • Benchwork 12
  • Benchwork 13
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