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Reply to "Pictures or links for benchwork construction of modular sections"

For a requested link Google " Freeman Manufacturing brass square dowels".  I use a lot of them for many purposes.  Mostly the #4 size.  When I built the TAS modular layout they were that which made the set up easy,

You can clamp or bolt once aligned.

For requested pictures I offer:

winding down over view 004winding down over view 005winding down over view 003For use in module frameslift out overall 009For use in lift outsThree bridges 006IMG_8657

I also solder leads to the top and bottom brass dowels to provide wireless track connection for track power applications.



Images (7)
  • winding down over view 004
  • winding down over view 005
  • winding down over view 003
  • lift out overall 009
  • Three bridges 006
  • IMG_8657
  • IMG_8658
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