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Reply to "piddling with a durham 0-4-0, now a marx powered 4-4-2"

Lou N posted:
A suggestion.  When drilling into material that thin there are drill bits referred to as sheet metal bits or brad point bits.  I have a set of English and metric bits just for that purpose.

The woodworkers stores carry them.  Look for stores under the names Woodcraft or Rockler.

Lou N

good advice, i use to have some, but i kept blunting the ends, for these i drilled a small pilot then ran a step bit through it to enlarge the holes and remove the burrs. the slots were done by drilling 2 holes and opening the space between with a dremel. 

it’s really satisfying to see in motion, but of course, it would be, considering the time put in.


i still need to come up with some rods to run to the cylinders, but it’s becoming quite a looker.



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