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Please do not implement the new Crowdstack notification digest feature

Feature discussed here:

I am fearful that the new digest won't be timely enough to remain meaningful- it is WEEKLY. If I am offering assistance to someone, it is desirable to get a timely notification that they have responded with new information, to facilitate a timely volley driving to resolution. I currently receive notifications in near real time and would like to keep it that way.

The release also clearly states:

In this new model, members will not be able to follow content by type at all. For instance, you will not be able to subscribe to get notified only about new forum topics, or topics within a specific forum.

I use this feature to keep a timely eye on new Fore Sale listings (oh shoot, did I just reveal my secret weapon?), or particular forum spaces of interest.

Even worse, we can't "try it out":

if you love the current system that revolves around following specific content types, you can keep using it. ... Existing Crowdstack sites will have to opt into the new model if they want to use it and, importantly, cannot go back to the old model once they have opted in to the new one. ... all of their [members] old per-module notifications settings will be gone and they will simply be subscribed to the weekly digest instead, if you make the switch.

(Emphasis Mine)

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