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Reply to "Possible ideas on expanding edge of shelf-type layout (see picture)"

Paul.  I like your approach to your shelf benchwork.  My layout was designed by cloud watching.  Wet thumb planning made for a need to bump out all around the  layout in many places.  It is primarily a collision of left over stuff from my benchwork contracting.   You will be able to install bump outs and make them seem to be a seam less part of the layout.

I could provide a couple dozen of top and bottom views to give you an idea of at least my way of doing things.  Not too sure about loading this thread up .  Sometime folks complain.

Contact me via my profile and I can share lots of photos.  I could also talk you through some of the approaches.

IMG_7123run a round build 012

There was this initial three track bumpout which needed a bumpout on a bump out for a TT.


And this free standing coal dock mock up of a finger to be added to an existing pike.

2' X 8' finger 006

Small inside corner bump out and station bump out:


Taped scrap on feather ends to protect while in transit.


I see you are in PA.  Any where near Delaware County?





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  • IMG_7123
  • run a round build 012
  • IMG_8304
  • 2' X 8' finger 006
  • IMG_8160
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