Reply to "Postwar Inspired Mountain Pass Railroad - 12.27.19 update"

I had a little time to play around with accessory placement. I wanted to figure out exactly where I wanted to place the siding tracks on the upper loop, so I can mark the roadbed areas for paint at some point. 

Here are a few iterations of the placement. I wanted a good view of each accessory’s action and also wanted to be able to leave each of the operating cars, gondolas, etc on the siding track so the accessories could  be operated while trains could be running on the main lines  I finally settled on the 4th picture below  






I also decided I do want to install a control panel on the side of the table  this also went through a few revisions. Settled on this design after a some input from the forum  here:


The panel size ended up at 10 x 29in.  The left 12 inches will be static with zw. The right 17 inches will be hinged for easier access to wiring. 



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