Powering a McKeen Car

This is my first model train I have built,(and maybe my last McKeen Car) and I would like some help with Ideas on how to power it.  I purchased a motor used in the engine in the starter sets made by Lionel.  I thought about buying a worm gear and mounting the motor vertically, but I have never done this sort of thing before and  one problem I have is that it has to be able to run on 036 track.  Currently it does, but I don't know the best way, because of no experience in this field of model making.  If I have to, I can cut out the sheet metal around the front king pin, and add a support to hold the king pin, but I am trying to stay away from that.  As you can see I experimented with a rubber band drive, yes I made that up, but sometimes as the train hit a curve, the rubber band would come off. 






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